Your Label Part 2

Your Label logo

Dado and Pia liked elements from all the studies. To start off our next round of revisions, we took away three things that they liked — the two bar icon from study 1, the use of Helvetica from study 2, and the awesome shade of blue from study 3.

Your Label block logo

Between the two color palettes that made the final cut, the navy blue won out for how crisp, reliable, and strong it looked.

Only it doesn’t end there. Your Label wanted to make the bars look more distinct and liked what we did with the study 2 icon (where there was a pair of scissors embedded inside). We would’ve gone with the study 2 icon but the cousins thought the scissors was too specific of a key visual for a mother brand. We decided to keep it for another use.

The challenge was to figure out something neutral that we can embed in the same way within the two bars.

We opted to go with a monogram and insert a “Y” and an “L” in. The effect made it look like threads woven in together, which reinforced the value of client and supplier coming together and working together, not to mention the thread also symbolizes Your Label as a supplier for the garment industry.

Your Label logo

Your Label logo


Your Label logo

Your Label logo on calling card

From there we started cascading the logo to other materials. Spot their sub brands Your Fabric, Your Laundry, and Your ID featured in their sales kit!

Your Label Saleskit

See the scissors from the original study 2? We ended up using it for Your Fabric and we had to think of other icons for Your Laundry (a laundromat) and Your ID (a supplier for corporate materials). Because Dado and Pia pay special care to detail, we also had to make sure that the icons for the sub brands follow the two bars AND form the same “Y” from the mother logo.

Your Label logo study

Here is the Your Laundry logo in action for a discount tag.

Your Laundry discount card

Your Laundry discount card

I also created graphics for Your Laundry’s laundry guidelines.

Your Laundry Guidelines

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