Policies & Guidelines


a. Alterations/adjustments should be brought to the attention of the SUPPLIER not later than Fifteen (15) working days from the date of delivery of Uniforms.

b. The SUPPLIER shall send its representative/s to receive requests for alterations at the CLIENT’s office indicated in Annex B (Delivery and Alteration Schedule). If any employee goes beyond the period of Alterations set in Annex B his schedule may be subject to a longer leadtime. After the pre-arranged schedule period, employees may have their alterations taken only at the SUPPLIER’s warehouse at Unit 201-203, VFP-MDC Bldg. 2, Veterans Center, Taguig.

c. If it is determined after inspection that the measurements of the delivered Uniforms are not in accordance with the measurements taken by its staff or the measurement templates submitted by the CLIENT, the SUPPLIER shall undertake a maximum of 2 alterations on the Uniforms. Should any of the Uniforms nevertheless require some alteration for a better fit, despite being fully compliant with the measurements taken by the SUPPLIER’s staff or those reflected in the measurement templates, the parties shall endeavor to promptly meet and come up with a mutually acceptable solution therefore.

d. Any uniform which upon its delivery by the SUPPLIER is determined to contain any damage requiring its replacement will be promptly replaced by the SUPPLIER at no additional cost to and to the satisfaction of the CLIENT and/or its employees. However, the cost of repair or replacement of any uniform which is damaged after its delivery in good condition by the SUPPLIER shall be borne by the CLIENT and/or its concerned employee/s.

e. The SUPPLIER shall deliver all altered Uniforms no later than Fifteen (15) working days from the SUPPLIER’s receipt thereof for alteration. This notwithstanding, the parties may agree on a different period depending on the volume of Uniforms requiring alteration.

f. If items delivered to the employee of the CLIENT are returned to the SUPPLIER for a RESIZE this will be subject for approval. If the item is found to be compliant to all the measurements and ordered size than SUPPLIER will be able to reject a resizing request unless mutually agreed upon by both parties. CLIENT may be subject to a charge for a resize of items.

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Unit 201-203 VFP-MDC Bldg. 2,
Veterans Road, Veterans Center,

Taguig City, Metro Manila
Philippines 1630

+632 837 1215 ; +632 837 1931
+632 236 4851 (Customer Hotline)